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5 Reasons everyone should be a Cynthia Morgan fan

5 Reasons everyone should be a Cynthia Morgan fan


The sassy, fierce, and powerful dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan has slowly but surely carved out a niche for herself in the Nigerian music industry.

From her 2013 hit “Don’t break my heart” through “German Juice” to “Bubble Bup”, she has won the hearts of the more daring and outgoing Nigerian fans with her passionate music.

Below are five reasons you should become a fan of the artiste who has stood out among her peers, even above many males in the game.

  1. She is talented: More than just a powerful voice which speaks of her Edo nature, Cynthia morgan is a talented rapper who spits bars so sick her listeners will not but be awed by her. Before her foray into full time dancehall music, Cynthia Ikpomwenosa Morgan used to be a hardcore rapper who could hold it down with any male rapper in the game. Add this to her decent lyrical composition, and ability to hold it down on the stage and you have a fine artiste worthy of reckoning.
  2. She cannot be intimidated: Cynthia Morgan’s social media life in the past has shown us will not be smothered or intimidated into silence. Her clap backs even at seemingly bigger celebrities shows she would not allow anyone silence her inner lion or make her feel less than she is. This is a quality which many do not possess which has pushed them into obscurity.
  3. She is humble: Away from the glitz and glamour and social media drama, Cynthia Morgan is one of the more friendly celebrities who would exchange a kind word, smile or picture with a fan or friend. Many celebrities are guilty of being snobby but not the Edo-born singer who knows the blessings of staying humble despite the fame and fortune.
  4. She is fierce: Cynthia Morgan is aggressive and passionate about her music. Her failures in the past did not define her and she has not allowed any setback stop her from pressing on. Her fierceness is reflected in her red hair and septum ring which she has retained despite several complaints from fans and critics.
  5. She is successful: Like it or not, say what you will, Cynthia is one of the top five female musicians to mention when naming female Nigerian artistes. She has made hits back to back and retains a sizeable fan base despite her seeming silence for a while now. She represents everything the average Nigerian girl wants to be, strong, fierce, bold and original.

Having seen some of the reasons you should already be a Cynthia Morgan fan, can you give just one why you shouldn’t?


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