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Davido Sends Bestie to Car Boot so He Can Have Fun With Girls

Davido Sends Bestie to Car Boot so He Can Have Fun With Girls

Davido and Special Spesh’s relationship often leaves fans scratching their heads. Now, the duo have got everyone talking again.

Last night, the singer who is visiting Ghana, met some female fans and decided to give them a ride in his car.

The only glitch in the tale is  this: the car could not contain the singer, the girls and the hypeman. And rather than take an Uber, Spesh had to ride with them in the trunk of the car, while Davido and the girls had the car to themselves.

This surprising video has offended a lot of fans. While many people have called Spesh stupid, there are still others who think he’s just the loyal friend who goes the extra mile to make his friend and partner comfortable.

Also, the video comes just a day  after the singer was spotted on SnapChat, making out with a random Ghanaian he met after a concert appearance in the country.

Davido is seemingly having more fun in Ghana, albeit while making a member of his team uncomfortable.

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