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Davido’s “If” could have been so much better

Davido’s “If” could have been so much better



Pop singer Davido has once again blessed us with the characteristic rhythm and sounds of great music he is known for.  The OBO of Davido Music Worldwide did not fail to show his mastery of tunes and song composition, all of which was magnified by the very good video for the song “IF” produced by Tekno.

Nevertheless, the fanatic Davido lover would say they were expecting more from the singer and truth be told, they would not be unfair in their expectations.

Truly, Davido is still every inch the talented singer he is, but at the same time, he did not pleasantly surprise us this time. Known for his energetic music, and catchy lyrics, Davido earned his place on the stripes by releasing songs which reflect his hunger and fiery ambition. While “If” is no doubt, a great song with a colourful and well-shot video, if we are honest with ourselves, most of the popularity it enjoys is because it is Davido who sang it. Give that song to an upcoming artiste and the resulting feedback most likely would end at a non-commital  “Yes it’s a nice song”.

Of course, no pressure from anyone as every artiste is allowed to plateau at some point in their career. The burning energy and indescribable talent of Davido however, cant help but make his true fans expect a new standard with every release For the first time in a long while, Davido might not have delivered in that aspect.

According to reports, there might have been a bit of restriction on his creative control as a result of his Sony deal, and running a record label also might have taken its toll on the singer’s voraciousness, but given how cruel this world is, there really is no room to allow excuses. Pulse however, reports that the restrictions have now been relaxed so hopefully, Davido’s creative juices only experienced a little hitch and are now set loose to run freely.

The song “If” is a song reflecting music mastery beyond the ordinary, and many folks would definitely swing to it with time and proper promotions. However, for an artiste of Davido’s calibre, it could have been so much better.

Check it out.

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