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Forgotten Nigerian artistes: Who remembers Bigiano?

Forgotten Nigerian artistes: Who remembers Bigiano?

Bigiano was the ultimate Shayo Master.

The Nigerian artiste Oluwagbemiga Babalola aka Bigiano was popular for the 2009 hit song “Shayo”. Even though seven years have passed since it’s release, good music like fine wine, gets better with time and we cannot deny how much we still enjoy Shayo’s tune.

Shayo remains an all time classic dancehall song which lights up every club, radio station or party where it is played but despite this, one question remains; Who remembers Bigiano, the artiste who did it?

As expected, the tides of time have all but washed away the memories of a lot of Nigerian artistes and musicians and while this is expected, some talents were expected to survive the test of time.

Despite having released other decent singles like Tonight and I Be somebody in 2016, Iwofa, People suffering, One and only earlier in 2010, the singer can largely be described as a one hit wonder considering how only a few people know his other songs.

Recall that Bigiano sometime ago had revealed in an interview that he had taken a break because he wanted to reposition his career and music but it looks like the break lasted too long and like it or not, among Nigerian artistes, people hardly remember who he is.

Considering how he is still very much ariund, it is quite early to write off Bigiano because we have seen many artistes like Doctor Drey take a break lasting ten years yet bounce back like they never left.

An artiste like Bigiano however, would need the grace of God and a whole lot of amazing management and PR for him to recapture the hearts of Nigerian music lovers.

Nigerians are emotional listeners and it will take a lot to make it happen for him. However, considering how SHayo seemed an effortless hit, one cannot but have faith in the possibilities of such an artiste.

Check out the video of his song below.

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