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Kcee’s manager finally arrested for beating Harrysong’s staff

Kcee’s manager finally arrested for beating Harrysong’s staff

Following the recent fight between Kcee’s manager, Soso Soberekon and Harrysong’s manager, Desmond at Amaju Pinnicks birthday party few days back, the police have finally gotten in touch with Soso

Soso Soberekon who travelled immediately after he and his boys beat up Harrysong’s manager, promised to report himself to the police has fulfilled his wish as he was spotted writing a statement at the Ikoyi police station.

However it is not certain whether Soso Soberekon was detained at the police station on Thursday, December 15 but he is currently under investigation for beating up Harrysong’s manager Desmond and another member of the crew, Bishop.

It could be recalled that on Thursday, December 1, at Amaju Pinnick’s birthday at his home in Park View, Ikoyi, Lagos, Soso was reported to have beaten Desmond on the allegation that it was because of him Harrysong dumped FiveStar Music label for a new record label, Alter Plate which is owned by Harrysong.

According to Desmond, he reported that Kcee’s manager has also been threatening to kill him ever since the music star left FiveStar music.

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