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“No Forget” Video:  Simi did better with Falz than Adekunle Gold

“No Forget” Video:  Simi did better with Falz than Adekunle Gold



The love triangle of Simi, Falz and Adekunle Gold is one of the most sensational in the entertainment industry right now. With seeming chemistry between Falz and Simi, many people have come to doubt the reports of songstress being in a serious relationship with Adekunle Gold.

The release of “No Forget” video by Adekunle Gold featuring Simi was supposed to be the video which separated the main boyfriend from the assistant boyfriend. Alas, it left a lot to be desired. Not because it was worse than the average Nigerian muic video love story, but because fans of Simi and Adekunle Gold expected a lot more chemistry between them, even more than was seen between Simi and Falz in “Soldier” video.

It might sound unfair to compare the two performances on the set of both videos, but let’s be honest, who wasn’t expecting more action between Simi and Adekunle? Especially considering how he is rumoured to be the real beau?

The video quality is very good. Even, better than a lot of other videos out there. The colour grading and camera angles were so seamlessly done one would be indeed a negative critic to find much fault in it.

The Concept and narrative, however, was another thing.

Like the lyrics of the song, No forget video depicted a struggling young man who wanted to go hustle in the city but had a girlfriend who would miss him. We thought the song already did most of the work and all the video director had to do was just get his cast and have them act accordingly but confusion set in when the scene moved from a struggling setting to one where they were both having fun at the mall and being romantic, then him leaving with a gesture which sends mixed signals.

Unlike an emotional ending which leaves romantics with an ache for the couple,  Adekunle left in what seemed like a sudden exit, with Simi chasing him to the airport then …. the next thing that happened was quite confusing.

Adekunle Gold supposedly left a shell which both of them were to keep as a memento of their time together and love for each other. Simi seemed hurt that he left the shell in his empty house (like he had pulled a Yoruba demon move on her) and chased him down to question his intentions. At some point, she started smiling romantically with the director leaving out a scene that explains the reason for her smile (The shells had pictures in them, so what?).  That is where a lot of viewers must have gotten confused.

Intentionally, the scene in the beginning where Adekunle Gold was being tongue lashed is not explained because the Nigerians who do not understand Yoruba would not get it since there was no subtitle.

Overall, the progression of the storyline was somewhat disjointed and not simple enough to have a concrete message. The words were on point, but the acting and directing was not Clarence Peter’s best, by no means.

In comparison with the 2016 “Soldier” video where Simi and Falz had a great chemistry and the narrative had a definite ending, we cannot but ask Ädekunle Gold” to please shoot another video if he can.

“No Forget” was a good video, but it could have been better. Check it out below.



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