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Reasons why rapper Drake met up with Burna Boy before Wizkid

Reasons why rapper Drake met up with Burna Boy before Wizkid

Top American rapper Drake needs no introduction. He featured Wizkid on his song, One Dance which has earned Wizkid his first Grammy nomination.


Drake and Wizkid have two songs together but have never met in person.

Wizkid then featured Drake on a new track, Hush Up the Silence which is a decent song. However, it will surprise you to know Drake and Wizkid have never seen face to face.

One person who can happily boast of seeing and gisting with Drake in person is our beloved Burna boy who met up with him recently at the O2 Arena in London. Here are four reasons why Drake met Burna before Wizzy:

1. Burna Boy is more ganster


Burna and Drake when they met recently.

Burna Boy has a criminal record which he addresses in his recent single, Pree Me. His ‘street’ look and background could have attracted him to Drake.

Drake famously sang that he started from the bottom sand perhaps he can see Burna has faced the same struggle.

2. Burna Boy has dreads like the Weeknd


L – R: The Weeknd before his haircut and Burna Boy now.

If looks have anything to do with it, Burna Boy has dreads similar to popular singer the Weeknd who is one of Drake’s good friends.

If Drake was looking to build up his crew with lookalikes, Burna Boy would fit right in…even though the Weeknd did cut off his dreads eventually.

3. Burna Boy is a rapper


Rappers love to meet other rappers. Wizkid is primarily a singer and Drake would love to meet him but meeting Burna is more of his comfort zone.

The two can share creative ideas on their flow, how to spit bars and all that jazz. Plus the two of them on a hardcore rap song would sell and over sell even

4. Mere coincidence


Perhaps they both performed at the O2 Arena.

Burna and Drake met at the 02 Areana which is a stage so it might just be coincidence that the two of the had to perform there.

However, for Drake to agree to meet Burna, that says he is doing something right. Burna has a unique sound and good lyrics so it wouldn’t be great to see him go to greater heights.

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