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Sam Smith Criticises Taylor Swift’s Vocals? See Fan’s Reaction On Twitter

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Taylor Swift‘s army are infuriated with Sam Smith!

Details below…

Admirers of the ‘Ready For It’ performer lost their minds when they noticed that the revered Smith had “liked” a tweet published by one of his fans mocking anyone who thought the two artists were in the same lane vocally.

The tweet then sparked a “spirited” debate between the rival fanbases.

I’m so sorry Sam smith really thinks he’s better than Taylor swift?— RONNIESUS (@RONNIEXSUS) November 11, 2017

they are ppl really out here sayin,,,,,that taylor swift,,,,,is better than sam smith,,,,,,

— isabelle ♡ (@gigglygrassi) November 11, 2017

sam smith thinks hes better than taylor swift aka a legend who made 6 successful albums and never repeated herself that’s embarrassing

— m (@isnntdelicate) November 11, 2017

Sam Smith’s been singing about the same guy for 2 albums and the albums are boring af, how tf does he have the nerve to compare himself to TAYLOR SWIFT 💀

— Kosta (@taylorshero1) November 11, 2017

sam smith is and always will be a better artist than taylor swift. i don’t care how many grammys they’ve won so don’t hit me w/ that shit. sam doesn’t blatantly diss people in his music. his music speaks to the soul not to the media.

— tiff✨ (@tiffrussworld) November 12, 2017

Sam smith obese self wants to use skinny legend Taylor swift as dental floss.

— Ethan (@Ethanj0j0) November 12, 2017

can you believe that both Sam Smith & Reese Witherspoon have officially shown their true colors today by liking shady posts about the queen Taylor Swift 🙄 what’s wrong with people smh

— 💕sassy snake🐍 (@sassyswiftie024) November 11, 2017

Wait why these people trying to drag Sam Smith over Taylor Swift no shade no tea but heee wayyy better vocalist and barely has to try to hit those notes

— cel ☃️ (@anacelleuh) November 13, 2017

Apparently Sam Smith have forgotten who got him on stage for exposure when he was nobody in early 2014 and haven’t able to book a gig yet. (Spoiler alert: it’s Taylor Swift) What a rat!

— we’re all just stars on your burning flag™ 🇺🇸 (@ratchetcoutoure) November 12, 2017

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