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Serial Rantist: Many Nigerian artistes have nothing to offer

Serial Rantist: Many Nigerian artistes have nothing to offer

In an environment where the “best” musicians are those who use sounds, rhythm and mediocre lyrics to glorify the basest of human instincts, the more enlightened folk cannot but come to the conclusion that many of our musicians have nothing to offer us?”

Of course, this “nothing to offer us” list doesn’t include Falz, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Bez, Asa, Capital Femi, M.I, and others who put in actual work to their craft. Every other artiste may or may not fall into the category.

Their Lyrics:

Well, in a country where you have those at the helm of affairs repeatedly disgracing themselves with shameless looting and corruption, who can blame Nigerian artistes for having nothing other than shake your bumbum, before when I was broke, and dance for me to offer people (disclaimer: if this coincides with any real song title, it is a mere coincidence). The weight of poverty has eaten too deep into the “Brain-marrow”.

Music Videos:

Seven out of ten Nigerian songs have no contribution whatsoever to society or any other intelligent subject. Using dazzling visuals of wealth, and models shaking their booty, most people forgive these artistes for their poor lyrical delivery or shamelessly backwards mentality mindset project in their songs.

Social Media:

Even in cases of handling conflict and other confrontations online, our so-called artistes resort to; “How much do you have? You cannot ever be rich like me, Your father is mad, etc” and other such base animalistic forms of expression which only indicate the absence of any discipline or refinement (after all street ti take over)

General lifestyle:

Spearhead a cause greater than themselves? Nope!! They would rather hide and frolic on the fence, seeking for the next opportunity to accept handouts from rich and influential members of the society. It’s flashy (borrowed) life for the showbiz all the way, motivating young people with misleading things (because one cannot afford to look broke).

Moral of the story

At the end of the day, why do we love these guys? Why do we even bother turning on our radio only to be further robbed of what little sense we managed to learn in books and school? In the long run, can knowledge of these artiste’s song epp you in your life? The answer is crystal clear.

And if you are hurt by this, one question for you; Who You EPP?!!

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