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Tiwa Savage Shares Heartfelt Message From Her Mother

Tiwa Savage Shares Heartfelt Message From Her Mother

Tiwa Savage and her mother are giving her fans ‘mother and daughter goals’.

Today, the Mavin star took to her Instagram page to share the heartwarming note she received from her mum. In the message, the older woman tells how proud she is of her daughter for her feature in the latest edition of A Nation of Billions, in which the All Over singer talked about ‘The Diary of Tiwa Savage’.

“I just read an excerpt of Diary of Tiwa. It’s awesome and I’m proud of you,” the proud mum said in the text message, adding that the feature was ‘very interesting and articulate’.

Hence why Tiwa Savage couldn’t hold back from sharing the cut note with her fans. “As much as I think I’m grown and now somebody’s mother. Every morning MY mummy still reminds me that I’m still her baby ❤ … She reads and follows up on EVERYTHING,” said the singer.

Adding, “Her prayers have gotten me through even when I don’t know she is praying for me. Nothing compares to a mother’s love #MyMummyIsProudOfMe#SheSaysImArticulate ”

Only days ago, the Mavin queen broke down in an emotional about bonding with her son Jamil, and how beautiful she finds motherhood. Now, she is getting equal love from her mum who obviously is her number 1 fan.

Read the note:

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